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Automate your house by installing the latest tech innovation, bringing you ease to your life and making you feel right at home.

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Smart Home Lighting

Lighting system

Control your lights using a smart switch designed to save you on electricity, provide the exact lighting you want for the room, and last years before maintenance is required. 

Entertainment Systems

Turn your movies into a cinematic experience by installing quality audio and visual systems in your living room. Control volume, sound and the tv not only from the living room, but from any room in the house, or outside.

Audio systems can be placed anywhere in a smart home; in the kitchen, corridor and even your bedroom.

Smart Home

Security Systems

Go to sleep knowing no burglar is trying to break in, and your house is well secured when you’re away with a powerful security system. 

Set up 24/7 security cameras, alarms and an integration with local police so that a team will always respond when your alarm goes off. 

Automate Your Home

Learn about our automation and security services. 

Smart Home Success stories

I found Makena IT Group searching online for residential security camera installations, and I’m really happy I called and hired them. The team has been very pleasant and easy to work with. Everything was explained every step of the way. The installation was quick, cost was reasonable, and the system is working great. Definitely give Makena IT Group a call.

Dyan A.


I have been struggling with setting up a reliable wifi network for my work from home office since covid began. I tried new routers, extenders, new cables, everything. I was at my wits end. I reached out and they responded lightning fast. they were able to set my 2 story house up with a commercial grade router and two mesh antenna network extenders within hours of my inquiry. We tested signal strength throughout the house and I am over the moon with the consistent high speed connection we now have. They are friendly, professional, intuitive to needs, and extremely knowledgeable with IT. Their work is clean and organized (no tangled ball of wires and cables!) My life is 10 times better without constant dropped zoom meetings and intermittent network failure. I only wish I had called sooner. Mahalo to the Makena IT Group team. You are now my go to for commercial and residential IT.

Brent H.



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