VoIP Phones for Businesses

Save money and time by switching to the leading VoIP phones on the market

What is a VoIP Service?

A Voice over IP (VoIP) service is a cloud based communication system that works using the internet rather than the ordinary landline systems. Apart from being a convenient option for businesses who want to save on phone line expenses, VoIP devices are fast, reliable, and easy to use.

The main advantage for switching to VoIP is the integration with other devices and apps. With a regular office phone, we’re only capable of making voice calls, but with a VoIP service, we can make voice, video and multiple line calls by using cloud based apps on our phone, desktop, and smartphone. 

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Businesses Who Benefit From VoIP Phones

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WiFi Network

Unlike landline phones, VoIP phones are connected to the cloud through an internet cable, saving you phone line expenses, a heavy server room and maintenance fees. 

Fast and Reliable

VoIP phones are highly secured when it comes to line safety, and will rarely have connectivity issues thanks to the hardwired cables. 

Keep your number

VoIP providers enable their users to save their current number, sparing you the need to get a new one. 

App integration

Many VoIP providers offer and app as part of their service, so even where you’re not around your office phone, you can still make voice and video calls from your smartphone or laptop. 

VoIP Services That Power Your Business

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