Best Network Solutions for Small Businesses 2021

October 21, 2021

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With cloud services becoming more popular in recent years, many of us have become used to using wireless networks in our daily lives. There is no denying; technology is moving into a wireless future, making it easy to forget the advantages hardwired network solutions offer us, and how we can benefit from them.

The most common example for wireless solutions is Wi-Fi. With 5G entering the market gradually, we all anticipate a world with fast connectivity and powerful systems to power our ever demanding thirst for more. Immersive possibilities really are just around the corner, and as much as we anticipate their coming, business owners are still concerned for their business security and reliable systems which they operate. We all hope wireless connectivity will overcome today’s security problems, such as cyber hacking and data theft, but current technology is far from being immune to hacking threats, which leaves us no option but using conventional and reliable solutions for our business: hardwired networks.


Hardwired Systems as Network Solutions


Like wireless, hardwired networks allow us to run the devices we use in our business, such as the Point of Sale (POS), security cameras, and even phones. All these work just fine with a regular wireless connectivity, but as we noted before, they are highly vulnerable to foreign interference, posing a serious security risk.

With hardwired networks, devices are connected to the main routers through a cable, allowing us to control what happens between the device and the computer that operates it. In this kind of scenario, security breaches are almost impossible due to the fact that both ends- device and router, are connected. But security isn’t the only advantage; hardwired systems remove the “bad connection” out of the picture.

Wireless internet is extremely handy for the reason that it allows us to quickly connect to the internet from anywhere we want. Without doubt an amazing solution- if only distance didn’t matter. We’ve all experienced the effect of slower connectivity as we gradually move away from the signal source. As we move farther away, our signal becomes weaker until it completely vanishes.

This disadvantage in wireless connections mostly affects businesses which operate over a large area. Whether a big office, or multiple floor levels, the farther we are away (and the more obstacles between us) the weaker the signal will be, affecting our productivity during work. With hardwired network solutions, this issue does not exist since all devices are connected directly to the main source, allowing them to use fast internet connectivity as if they were sitting right next to it.

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VoIP Cloud Services


In recent years VoIP services have become trending network solutions for businesses, especially those which have transitioned into hardwired networks. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology which has long existed but only recently has become more available for commercial use. In essence, VoIP is the technology that powers smartphones.

VoIP are cloud services that allows us to make calls, send text, and even start video chats while using a cloud based network. Thanks to this technology we don’t have to stick a cable into our phones whenever we want to make a call, but then why are offices still using this antique solution? The answer mainly involves safety concerns.

Where wireless phones can be easily hacked, hardwired phones are tougher to interfere with, and for good reason. Cables phones have been around for more than 200 years, giving telephone companies enough time to come up with a tough security system for their phone services. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait another two centuries to take out the cables from our desk phones.

With VoIP cloud services, offices can now use completely wireless and secured connections for calling customers. However, most businesses like to take advantage of their already purchased networks. Since VoIP is an internet service, phones can be wired to the routers, allowing to make calls over internet the office has already purchased. This solution is a 2 in 1, since it allows businesses to save money on landline phones, and use secured network solutions as powerful as regular telephone lines.

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Tough Security Systems


Surveillance has an important role in businesses, as many entrust these security systems to safekeep their assets and monitor customers’ behavior on location. Yet again, security cameras can only be effective if they are properly designed to withstand foreign interference. When it comes to surveillance, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the crucial parameter as it contains the footage that was captured by the cameras.

For a business owner, footage will decide whether a business will be compensated by the insurance company, or left to deal with the damages on its own. It is the evidence that provides answers to what really happened, and losing it is no less than a catastrophe. It is for this reason a DVR is as important as the camera itself, and is an essential device for any business that is thinking about setting up security systems for its location.

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As discussed in this article, there are many solutions a business can implement to increase productivity, security and at the end of the day, a better customer service and experience. All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, but at Makena IT Group, we believe hardwired systems are the right solution for small, medium and large businesses. As Hawaii’s official certified brokers and installers, we are to help businesses grow in a secured, safe and reliable route, so that businesses can focus on doing business, while we take care of the infrastructure.