The Benefits of Using a Cloud-based Communications System

July 21, 2022

Cloud-based Communications System

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The Benefits of Using a Cloud-based Communications System

If you have a business in Hawaii, an office telephone system or a Hosted PBX has several advantages over traditional telephone service. Cloud computing offers many benefits no matter what type of business communication solution you’re looking for (hosted VoIP, UC, team collaboration software or apps).

You should switch to a cloud-based communications system for the following reasons:

  1. Employee mobility and geographic flexibility: When your office phone system is virtual, you can allow employees to work from anywhere. Mobile phones, other offices, and even overseas are all options for employees who work from home.
  2. A traditional phone system’s scalability is limited by its capacity to handle numerous users and the number of lines it can purchase from the local telephone company. By utilizing virtual phone systems, your business can grow as you do.
  3. Several measures are available to ensure safe connections, including encryption methods, cloud security, and secure file transfer. Taking steps to prevent potential security risks is extremely important.

These security threats are easily preventable when the proper security is implemented, including phishing, fraud, intercepted calls, and spoofing. Cloud solutions give you and your business a higher level of protection than traditional phone systems.

There are many security measures implemented by cloud phone services. This is so a user’s data remains secure, such as encryption, network security, HIPAA compliance measures, etc. The servers and equipment associated with cloud communications are stored in secure facilities behind closed doors.

  • Maintaining businesses’ connectivity through reliability and failsafe methods like disaster recovery
  • Buying an office telephone system requires no significant upfront investment, and you don’t have to maintain it.
  • Your provider operates and maintains the office telephone system with a Hosted PBX solution.

Hosted PBX implementations are typically significantly more cost-effective over time than traditional PBXs. Besides initial capital savings, these ongoing savings also accrue over time.

  • You can get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located with hosted PBX systems. This will allow you to set up a virtual office in New York or London.
  • Having a virtual system will give a small business like yours the credibility it needs. This helps you present your customers with the best and most professional telephone solution. This also allows you to have a more cost-effective solution over the traditional systems for your organization.
  • Set up is a snap, and having a Hosted PBX solution will get your business running fast and smoothly compared to the classic telephone system.
  • User-friendliness is essential to your business. Having a Hosted PBX that is easy on the end-user is vital for ongoing business demands.

Because of our intuitive web interfaces, you can monitor, make changes, and even manage any of your services when you need to. You won’t need any specialized skills or have to spend time building up experience.

Our Makena IT Group consultants can speak with you about the best options for you business, if you want to know how our Hosting PBX service can optimize your employee’s productivity along with their customer service, and lower your cost, contact us today!